Corporate travel

There is no reason that traveling for business should be any less personal, less interesting, or less rewarding than traveling for pleasure. At Travel Edge, we believe that you should always BE Well Travelled, no matter your reason for going.

Our Concierge Service

Travel Edge Concierge Service provides clients with a fully personalized level of on-demand travel services. From adding personal activities to the end of your business trip, to making a reservation at the hottest new restaurant, to arranging private-guided luxury experiences - when you ask we make it happen.


Pick a time when it’s convenient to connect, let us know if you’ve got any thought starters like a destination, some activities, or a budget in mind, we’ll go from there.

Enhancing BUSINESS travel

Because business is at the heart of their travel purpose, we help clients make the most of every moment in every destination by seamlessly enhancing their work needs and experiences. Backed by 24/7 support and real local expertise, they can focus solely on success.


When clients have personal downtime, we help them make the most of every moment by getting them access to the places and experiences that will be most meaningful to them, based on our knowledge of them and the destination. We anticipate their interests and impulses and ensure their priority access.

Extra leisure and companion time

When clients add time or companions to their business travel, we help them make the most of every moment by turning this time into unforgettable experiences that are personally meaningful - thanks to our strong local knowledge, client insights, and ability to leverage partner expertise.

24/7 Support

We understand the complexities of corporate travel. Booking with us means we provide help when you need it, whether that means changing a flight or getting emergency support. We are always available so you can continue to work at the speed you need. 

How we can help

From listening to your requirements, to seamlessly making your arrangements, to monitoring your trip and managing updates for you, our people take care of your entire travel experience. Because a great business trip is about so much more than what happens in the boardroom.

Companies we’ve travelled together with

RegentSilverseaCrystalEmiratesTauckAmerican AirlinesAir CanadaDelta

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